Internationally renowned digital artist, director and producer at the Singapore Science Centre!


Masa Inakage, MFA, PhD
Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies,
Dean, Graduate School of Media Design (to be established in April 2008)

Masa Inakage is an internationally-renowned digital artist, director, and producer, and is one of Japan's leading authorities on emerging technologies and digital entertainment content production. He sits on advisory board and executive board of numerous corporations, as well as serves as members of government committees. His artworks and animation works have been shown internationally at galleries and festivals. He is actively involved in variety of projects, including feature films, broadcast programs, interactively displays and live performance events. His current research projects include digital cinema, digital entertainment, media design, media art, and synesthesia.

Title: "Ubiquitous Content"
Date: November 6, 2007
Time: 2:30 - 4:00 PM
Venue: Singapore Science Centre Mendel Auditorium

"Ubiquitous Content" is defined as contents for living people, those which bond closely with life. They are content experienced through interaction between people, artifacts and the environment, all existing in the real world. Ubiquitous Content is realized through the embedding of ubiquitous technology such as sensors, and the designing of embodied human interactions.

The talk touches various areas of media design through the lens of content design and supporting technology research drawing on the recent research projects by the research team on Ubiquitous Content at Keio University

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