Accepted Open Call Exhibits

Electric Organ Discharge (EOD 4) - by Frederick De Wilde / Belgium


EOD 04 is an installation by Frederik De Wilde (BE) created in collaboration with the University Hasselt in Belgium and Bruno Zamborlin (IT). The project is a interactive installation founded on special species of living fish that perceive, electro-sense, their environment and communicate with each other by emitting electric signals, either in pulses or waves. The project explores the normal communication mechanisms of electric fish, including JAR (the means by which a e-fish avoids attempts by other e-fish to jam its frequency) and thus investigates the communication and non-communication mechanisms between men and animal. With other words; the interspeciescommunication.

The installation is based on one plexiglass tube presenting a specific composition of e-fish producing different electric signals. In the tube antennas and sensors capture the e-fishes signals which are directly related to 2 speakers transforming these signal into sound, what we hear is the fish's electric signals_ their communications. A grid of leds is placed in the tube pulsing according to the intensity, rhythm, and position of the emitted signals from the blind e-fishes. In this manner the electrical impulses of the e-fishes drive sound and light, and thus an entire audiovisual space.

Escape Clause - An Interactive Ferromagnetic Installation" by Marci MacGuffie / USA


Installation artist and painter Marci MacGuffie finds inspiration in the patterns of nature, particularly the movement of things delicate and filamentous. While she observes grasses, feathers and hair in the wind she does not isolate these formations in her works. She says, “As a frenetic enthusiast, I examine simultaneous flows of nature, embracing all energetic forces as more than arbitrary occurrences.” As an artist, MacGuffie creates site-specific environments and then observes the evolution when subjected to the forces of nature, the force of human nature to be specific. Viewers are invited to interact with her works by rearranging the many magnetized brush strokes she has fixed to wall painted with ferromagnetic paint. Her aim is to work outside of the rectangle and “fracture the space” between the artist, the visitor and the art. She begins each piece with repeated patterning found in widely different circumstances in the natural world. As the installations morph by the force of human intervention, new patterns emerge. The words “peace” and “love” appear, some people leave their name, others create faces reflecting a desire to mark human existence.

Bear's Beer by Tomohiro Amemiya / Japan


When a small object in a hand-held device moves periodically and prismatically with asymmetric acceleration (strong in one direction and weak in the other), one typically experiences the kinesthetic illusion of pushing or pulling continuously by the held device. This effect was investigated because of its potential application to a hand-held, non-grounded, haptic device that can convey a sense of a continuous translational force in one direction, which is a yet missing tile in haptic research. Our demonstrations will show the nonverbal interaction made possible by the hand-held device with our force perception technologies. You can bring a glass of beer to the seat of the customer (a bear) that wants to drink. The tray will tell you where you should go.

Parting the Red Sea - Alex Tan Wei Kian / Malaysia


A video motion tracking based interactive installation allows the audience participates in the artwork with their physical body gesture. The interaction is completed directly based on the audience shadow, which cast on the screen under their foot.

With You - YongSoon Choi / Singapore


These Wearable Interaction Concept Designs are made for the explanation of Wear’s Feelings & emotion information and their personality for their circumstance of suitable situation using the light changing and shapes changing on the Apparel types. And using light and its changing on the Smart Apparel Types human Being can Communicate with other people more truly and interesting.

A Novel Interactive Charity Engine (ICE) - Guan Hong / Singapore


The installation is powered by the Interactive Charity Engine (ICE). The aim is to enthuse the public to make a token contribution to charity organization. On sensing a contribution (e.g. 50 cents), the engine will react by adding interesting elements to the art piece. Overtime, if no contribution is received, elements in the art piece will “deteriorate”

Physics Edutainment Game - Melving Eng / Singapore

photo_1.JPG photo_2.JPG photo_4.JPG

A novel attempt at fusing elements of physics puzzle-solving with 3D arcade gaming. It aims to popularise science (physics in this context) amongst teenaged students’ banks on popular medium (gaming in this case) as a vehicle to reach out to them.

Meta -Fluids - Lu The Kiet / Singapore


Building upon a background of different high-end technologies of IT, this project aims to experiment with a new level of natural and immersive human-computer interaction, which invites the audience into engagement with computer systems in a new, meaningful and expressive way of communication. The final target is to take interaction to another level and acknowledge the complexity and richness of human movement in space.

Title: Tabby
Artist: Atsuro Ueki
Producer: Masa Inakage
Credit: The project was granted by 21st Century Center of Excellence


"Tabby" is designed to be a content of interior furniture generating an air of relaxation and intimacy to a living space. Its feature is to be a subject of affective interaction that no traditional lights can be, by having its form, texture and motion that generate a sense of being alive besides a lighting function.

Title: AR gardening with Learning Companion - BLUEBIRD
Team members:
Sejin Oh, Sangchul Seo, Woontack Woo


The proposed AR gardening system makes participants experience interactive flower gardening with a bluebird, an intelligent learning companion squatting in an augmented picture. The proposed system augments fiducial markers in the picture with the animated bluebird to support interactive edutainment experiences. The bluebird perceives user’s actions and reactions as well as environmental situations on the fly. It then appraises the user’s feedback and situational information to provide participants with context-aware personalized problem-solving guidelines. Moreover, the bluebird presents anthropomorphic expression, and responds like a companion than an instructor. Furthermore, the learning companion-like bluebird helps the participants experience how to properly grow the interactive flower in real environment.

Title: Real-time Rigid Body Simulation Based on Volumetric Penalty Method
Team members:
Shoichi Hasegawa, Nobuaki Fujii, Yasuharu Koike, Makoto Sato


The penalty method, which employs spring-damper model, is a simple and useful method for real-time simulation of multi-bodies.

Title: Interactive Travel into Unju Temple
Team members:
Taejin Ha (rk.ca.tsig|aht#rk.ca.tsig|aht), Haesun Kim, Sangchul Seo, Hyeongmook Lee, Jaeseok Kim, Youngho Lee, Woontack Woo


‘Interactive Travel into Unju Temple’ is an interactive storybook using AR technology which can unfold the legend of Unju Temple as a sequence of events at each page of a story book. Users can experience the story by manipulating interactive content displayed on the story book. Most of the attempts about digital heritage are based on the aspect of preservation science and visualization which aims to exquisitely restore cultural assets through historical investigation. Unlike traditional digital heritage, ‘Interactive Travel into Unju Temple’ expresses the uncompleted beauty and legend of the temple, which we cannot find out from Unju Temple today. The main idea of our approach is to facilitate communication of cultural meaning by taking into account not only demands of end users but also of a storyteller.

Title: AR Mirror for Kids
Team members:
seongyong Oh(moc.narap|0002px#moc.narap|0002px), gihon Lee, jihong Jeung, younghwan pan


'AR Mirror for Kids' is an interactive magic Mirror using AR technology. Kids can experience the story by manipulating interactive contents(kind of animation) displayed on the magic Mirror. Kids can get a new experience. There are two worlds, some of real world, some of dream world. User get a small tools (like a hair pin, a headband, a cap) on the table and sticking on the head (kids’ head) and then ‘AR Mirror for Kids’ show comics or cartoon story on the screen. The main idea of our approach is to make dream world and make new experience for Kids by this devices. This research is based on an action research of children’s behavior with mirror.

Title: Kage no Sekai
Team members:
Yu Uchida, Mami Naito, Shiho Hirayama, Masa Inakage


We usually aren't conscious, if the shadow is there or not. But have you ever thought imagined something is there in the corner or in the shadow of an object? Let’s look in the shadow that we usually don’t think about. We’ll be able to see the “Kage no Sekai ” that we have never seen.

“Kage no Sekai” is an interactive content. It makes us able to communicate through the actual shadow with the marvelous creatures; that we can see when we look in the shadow. We look in to the shadow of the objects on the table, is making their own world view that we won’t usually find out. Users can communicate with the creatures in the world of shadow by creating new shadows with various objects or you can also move those objects and change the shapes of the shadows.

iDAT 2007 Digital Art Showcase, Curated by Jonas Koester, Westbase Productions

Title: Homage
Artist: Jacques Khouri

Born in 1976 Montreal, Canada, Jacques Khouri was brought up to be independent and creative with his art. He graduated with a Masters degree in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. His short films as well as his illustrations won him various award and recognitions.


Conflict comes to everyone… even to two arrows trying to fill their world with color.

Title: Gossip
Artist: Elena Wen

He moved from Costa Rica to Brooklyn 7 years ago, where he live now. Dividing his time mainly between commercial and personal animation. His work is very much inspired by illustration.


Dictionary.com: "Idle talk or rumor, especially of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature."- What happens when you start or stop gossip.

Artist: Makoto Yabuki

Makoto Yabuki has been mainly working on visual productions for TV-CMs and music videos in Japan. His film "scope"(2005) has been screened at Siggraph, Artfutura, Ars Electronica, Onedotzero etc.


It is not the stopped world that can be made visible. Eyes start seeing the world that keeps being changed.

Title: Loop
Artist: twenty2product & susumu hirasawa (music)

twenty2product's client work appears as title design, broadcast identity and commercial spots. a catalog of graphic work produced by 22p is available online at http://www.twenty2.com/


loop is time lapse and real time footage supporting alternative energy concepts, shot on hi-8 in and around san francisco (altamont pass, ocean beach, embarcadero center and sf bay bridge). the graphics are the animated extension of a cover design we did for hemispheres magazine, and that in turn was inspired by the hirasawa energy works project.

Title: Rama
Artist: Eric Bruneton

Eric Bruneton is a researcher in Computer Graphics at INRIA (www.inrialpes.fr) in Grenoble, France. He is doing research about real time rendering of natural scenes. After he defended his PhD thesis in 2001, he worked at France Telecom as a research engineer, in the field of distributed systems and component based software. He did the Rama movie during its spare time while he was at France Telecom, before joining INRIA to do full time research on this topic.


Flyover inside a giant hollow cylindrical spacecraft. The model presented in this animation is entirely and automatically generated from 2D vectorial maps and elevation maps, by using procedural modeling and texturing techniques for terrain, trees, buildings and clouds. No interactive 3D editor has been used.

Title: Torres del Paine
Artist: Mike Posehn

After creating a series of video games for Electronic Arts, he retired from the software business to pursue his interest in photography and film. He has always been fascinated by the nature of time and by looking at the world on different time scales. Wherever he go, he try to capture what he see with his digital cameras and assemble the images into time-lapse films.


This short film captures the stunning natural beauty of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Since being declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978, the park has internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and remote places of the planet.

Title: Paris Am. Pm
Artist: Jonathan Wilkinson

Jonathan concerns himself with depictions of sophisticated spaces. He has shown at Siggraph and works on a freelance basis at the David Hockney studio. www.jonathanwilkinson.eu


Paris am and Paris pm although at first glance seem to be of fixed chronology are actually sophisticated collages taken over a few hours. Originally made for interactivity in more intimate spaces, they have now been adapted for larger scale viewing.

Title: Flight Patterns
Artist: Aaron Koblin

Aaron Kobin received his MFA from the department of Design|Media Arts at UCLA and continues to work on data-driven art projecects as a designer and researcher.


Air traffic data over North America as interpreted through computer software to create animated visualizations.

Title: Densha
Artist: twenty2product & susumu hirasawa (music)

twenty2product's client work appears as title design, broadcast identity and commercial spots. a catalog of graphic work produced by 22p is available online at http://www.twenty2.com/


densha is 16mm footage of the moving trains, crowds, interiors and platform of the jr shinjuku station in tokyo, we're told it's the busiest commuter rail station in the world. everything was shot as details (close ups and texture), and all the graphic overlays (route mapping for the 5 key tokyo jr lines, station names in kanji, times of departure/ arrival) are based on conway-life pattern sequences and some other cellular automata programs we downloaded from the web.

Title: Moving Still
Artist: Santiago Caicedo

Santiago Caicedo is a Colombian Filmmaker and visual artist. His personal work often involves the city as a character where he explores and links together basic concepts of mathematics and narrative forms. His short films have participated in many different screenings and festivals around the world.


To be a routine traveler. No surprises at the starting point, no surprises at the point of arrival. The monotony of a recurring journey made too many times, it makes us ask our selves whether we want, or if we can, still change roads.

Title: Esc
Artist: Justin Henton

Justin Henton is a graduating student from Emily Carr Institute majoring in Animation. He graduated from Hugh Boyd Secondary School with honors and was awarded the District Scholarship for of achievement in arts and academics. Since a young age he has been fascinated by illustration and comic books. He has always been captivated by visual effects and stories of the fantastic. His love of art and computers led him to Emily Carr's animation program where he gravitated toward 3D animation.


Inside a 3D program a mouse cursor creates a 3-dimensoinal character that comes to life after an unknown error in the program and gets into a journey across the computer desktop.

Title: DYNAMIC SYMMETRY from BT's This Binary Universe
Artist: Brian Transeau

BT is the creative force currently driving digital songwriting and soundscaping in its evolution into the audio-visual-spiritual art-form that will define and inspire the human narrative of the 21st Century.


This is a dream state that sees a different character represented for the various parts of the dreamers own psyche, ranging from organic to mechanic. The settings that unfold are elemental i.e.: earth, air, water, electricity and time, connecting the viewer subconsciously with our own humanity.

Artist: JKun-I Chang

New York based motion artist and independent filmmaker.


A man sees himself as a graffiti on the wall.

Title: Conundrums
Artist: Fouridine S Ang

Fouridine Ang is a Brooklyn, New York based artist who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design.


An experimental animation examining how individuals interact with their environment and with each other.

Title: BOA : Eglantine Gouzy
Artist: Sophie Gateau

Sophie Gateau studied architecture and art history before going on to focus on graphic design and film direction at the Parisian School Ecole des Arts Décoratifs. Gateau now works as a director and collaborates with graphic designers, fashion designers, and musicians. Sophie Gateau creates innovative and sensible visuals, mixing different techniques 2D and 3D animation and live action, to get the most interesting creative results.


A cubic music video: somebody is turning some cubes, revealing characters and creating unexpected interactions…

Title: Journey I
Artist: Scott Hall

He is an artist/ photographer from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He designed the elements of his animation in the darkroom using “cameraless” photography methods.


We take a trek with a sphere through a strange world. Trouble is encountered along the way.

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