About Creative Korea


The MCT is one of the most important central government agencies and operates on 1.06 percent of the total budget of the government. The ministry is responsible for affairs in the areas of culture, the arts, religion, tourism and sports. The ministry has one assistant minister, two main offices, six bureaus, one commission, six officers, 26 divisions, 6 teams, and nine subordinate organizations. The total staff is 1,884.

3 Goals

  • To educate Korean people to be cultural and creative citizens
  • To create a leisurely and unique society in which leisure and work are in harmony, and where people can express their cultural identity
  • To create a dynamic cultural nation that represents various local cultures


On the basis of "communication" and "freedom," we aim to establish a "creative Korea" by promoting a new organizational culture that "pursues substantiality."

5 Principles

1. Culture & Individual:
- Enhancing the quality of cultural experience by encouraging citizens' participation in cultural education programs and activities

2. Culture & Society:
- Revitalizing the creativity of artists and professionals
- Recreating the modern version of traditional culture to blend it in citizens' life.

3. Culture & Economy:
- Fostering the creative industry on the basis of social creativity
- Establishing an industrial base by promoting human resources, markets/ distributions and marketing so to make sure that the creative industry can contribute to the growth of national economy.

4. Culture & Region:
- Producing a new cultural characteristic unique to each region based on its residents' pride in their local culture and its communal sentiments
- Promoting a local creativity by nurturing the autonomous and practical ability to manage the local cultural facilities

5. Culture & World:
- Pursuing long-term, voluntary and leading cultural exchanges and affiliate businesses in order for Korea to play an advocatory role in the global society pursuing peace and prosperity

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