Interactive Design Art and Technology (iDAT)

An event of Ars Electronica, Creative Korea, and Interactive Tokyo in Singapore

Singapore Science Centre

Opening of DAT and Keynote Talks December 5th and 6th

Exhibition from December 5th to December 31st 2007


The iDAT exhibition is a unique combination of major interactive media events Ars Electronica from Austria and Interactive Tokyo from Japan. It is calling for interactive media works that merge design, art, and technology, moves beyond technology traditions, and transforms social assumptions. We are seeking interactive works in the form of installations which will be part of the exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre. The works should have a focus on interactive media systems that have an innovative technological concepts blended with excellence in art and/or design. We are also encouraging works which have harmonious parts of content and interactive technology, with a focus on human usability, and expanding the scope of media for use in human society.


Demonstrations for emerging interactive techniques for the public
Promotion and propagation of interactive techniques
Sharing of knowledge of virtual reality, entertainment and interactive techniques
Promotion of collaboration between experts, edge researchers and industry
Out reach of interactive techniques

The type of works which we are seeking may include:

Innovative interfaces
Music and audio
Novel displays
Entertanment and Gaming
Collaborative environments
Health and medicine / biotechnology
Virtual and mixed reality
Ubiquitous computing
Wearables, hand-helds
Real-time graphics and animation
Mobile technologies

It is a prerequisite that the projects have already been realized to the extent that they may be judged on the basis of a documentation and must be ready for installation by December 1st 2007.

The work entered must have been created, realized or significantly updated within the last two years. Participants may be individuals, groups, schools, institutions, companies etc. Exclusively commercially oriented activities in the sense of product advertisement or commercially available products are excluded.


Each work is to be explained in a combination of
(1) No more than 4 page demo/exhibition description (essential)
(2) A video of the work (essential) *send the link to the video on a web site in your proposal, YouTube, Google Video, etc. and not send the video by email*
(3) Other supporting media or documents (optional)

Deadline : October 15th 2007
Notification : November 1st 2007
Submit to : gro.balytilaerdexim|TADi#gro.balytilaerdexim|TADi

Since a presentation of an outstanding interactive work naturally also depends on the technical requirements for on-site realization, it is essential to include information that is as specific as possible about technical hardware and software and spatial requirements. All entries will be judged by a jury of experts. In addition to the works entered by participants, each jury may also nominate other works.

Selected works will be offered support for the travel and exhibition costs. This support may not cover the entire cost of travel and exhibition costs, depending on the nature and expense of the work.

If you have any questions, please contact: gro.balytilaerdexim|tcatnoc#gro.balytilaerdexim|tcatnoc

In cooperation with

ACM Chapter Singapore
Creative Korea, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea
Interactive Tokyo Organization Committee
Mixed Reality Lab Singapore
Ars Electronica


About Interactive Tokyo:

Interactive Tokyo is held on Miraikan (National museum of emerging science and innovation), a science museum for children and young people in Tokyo, since 2005. Interactive Tokyo exhibits highest level demonstrations of interactive techniques and promotes enlightenment of the public and internal research motivation. Finally Interactive Tokyo aims to be an international festival of interactive techniques. This is the first time Interactive Tokyo will be held in an international venue.


About Ars Electronica:

One of the largest and longest-running festivals for electronic art worldwide, Ars Electronica Festival, held annually in Linz, Austria, provides a forum for discussing the evolution and cultural importance of electronic and digital media, as well as a competition in computer arts. Ars Electronic launched in 1979 but and with the introduction of the Prix Ars Electronic in 1987 the Festival gained its international influence and reputation, “providing a focus for a worldwide community of artists and theorists in the area of art and new media”, as found by Armin Medosch, in a report commissioned by the ACE Interdisciplinary Arts Dept.


About Creative Korea:

The MCT is one of the most important central government agencies and operates on 1.06 percent of the total budget of the government. The ministry is responsible for affairs in the areas of culture, the arts, religion, tourism and sports. The ministry has one assistant minister, two main offices, six bureaus, one commission, six officers, 26 divisions, 6 teams, and nine subordinate organizations. The total staff is 1,884.

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